Support for the danish universal login applet (NemID) across sites


I’ve, as many others, recently mobed from LastPass to Bitwarden.
I am missing one feature from LastPass though, at that is to recognize applets origin across sites.

In Denmark, all citizens have a kind of “citizen-login” for everything related to online banking, taxes, governmental forms etc. - anything that needs a certified identify.

It’s called NemID and they have an applet that all relevant companies use. This has been expanded to even cover insurance companies, and gambling sites as well - anywhere that needs a confirmed identity profile.

Bitwarden only looks at the domain, but the applet actually links to it’s common origin. LastPass could recognize this.

Heres a few pages that has NemID integrated:
Jyske Netbank - Log på (
Login -

With LastPass, I could just click the field, and it would recognize the origin, and match the passwords.

I hope this can be possible with Bitwarden too :slight_smile:

Because I can only post 2 links in the post, this is the 3rd relevant;

Sometimes, a webpage will just link to Log-in (
which is the official login page.