Support for passkey QR codes

Since Android <14 does not support passkeys for 3rd party apps, would it technically be possible to support the passkey QR codes (when tapping the ‘use a different phone or tablet’):

Probably by adding a scanner to the mobile app?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Sorry, but can you elaborate a bit more on what you exactly mean?

E.g. in what scenario could this be needed?

Because, as I understand it, you would want to have the scanner in the mobile app, right? So you would initiate the QR code on a different device, like a laptop… and there you would have the browser extension and could use the passkey from there… or do I get something wrong?

So please, explain what usecase you envision…

On some services like Tailscale, we can have accounts that use passkeys as the sole login method. So if you have a tailscale passkey stored in Bitwarden, but uses an older Android version, I don’t think it’ll be possible to sign in (on the android device itself)

So, if the user happens to use Android <14, they should be able to screenshot the QR code and select it in Bitwarden, and then let Bitwarden do the passkey work.

true, but I think this would be useful if we use someone else’s computer. although yeah, that’s why I didn’t mention it at the first post.

but my point is when you have passkeys as the sole login method—but uses an older Android version. I’m not quite sure about the technical stuff, but if it’s doable it’d be helpful.