Support for partially hidden passwords autofill

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Some sites use partially hidden passwords like the one below. Sadly Bitwarden does not handle it very well and therefore I’m not able to use good, complex passwords and need to stick with something simple and human manageable. I remember 1Password had similar functionality, but poorly implemented - it displayed password with corresponding numbers next to each letter.

Is there any way for Bitwarden to autofill passwords like these?

Yes, you can do this in the BW browser extension. See here:

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Edit: David seems to be a bit quicker on the draw than I was.

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I wonder if it is possible to use autofill on this type of password prompts?
This solution is, of course, enough to use more complex passwords on websites, but it still requires manually checking letters and writing them in browser. Not to mention, that this feature is not available on mobile app.

I believe another community member here, @danmullen, was able to find a way to do this. But I can’t seem to find where he described it. Hopefully he sees this thread and chimes in. Cheers.

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here are a few resources on the topic. some already mentioned.
prior community thread from Dan Mullen

Dan Mullen spoke about this on the recent Community Forum

Feature pull request

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Here you go:

That is how I handle these type of entries.