Support domainless hosts on mobile


I reported this using the Google Forms as well (at least I hope I did) but never heard back so I thought to post here as well. I use custom dns aliases for some internal systems which are just simple hostnames without a domain; this works without problems on desktops operating systems (MacOS, ChromeOS, Linux), however on mobile devices (iOS + iPadOS) Bitwarden has trouble matching the hostname to the saved entry and I need to manually search for it. Is this something on the radar for the developers? Should I bite the bullet and invent my own top level domain as a workaround? I wanted to avoid regenerating the certificates for everything :slight_smile:

Hi you may try to use the URI match detection with the “Host” option
Set to either http://HOSTNAME or https://HOSTNAME with any applicable https://HOSTNAME:port if needed and running on nonstandard ports.

We have an internal domain with computers joined so hostnames resolve without the domain and TLD, so we have several internal only services that are accessed only by hostname and port, and this has allowed me to use Bitwarden to auto-fill properly on these sites.

Hopefully this will work for you as well.


You absolutely rock, host matching fixed it. Thank you very much for solving the biggest annoyance I had with Bitwarden!