Support browser integration for "unlock with biometrics" for homebrew installs

Currently, the macOS desktop app must be installed via the Mac App Store (MAS) in order to use biometrics to unlock the vault in the browser. I am requesting the ability to use biometric unlock in the browser without installing via the Mac App Store.

Steps to reproduce:

  • brew install --cask bitwarden
  • launch and log in to app
  • go to settings, click “Allow browser integration”
  • see error:

Browser integration not supported
Unfortunately browser integration is only supported in the Mac App Store version for now.

Why this is important to me:

Longer passphrases are more secure, but take longer to enter. So if I have to enter my password too frequently, I’m more likely to get annoyed and set the password to something shorter. Biometrics solve this neatly. I don’t install any apps from the app store right now. I don’t have an Apple ID and I don’t want one. I don’t want to complicate my install/update process further.

See also: [brew installation] Error while enabling browser integration. · Issue #3637 · bitwarden/clients · GitHub


I support this Feature Request! Big time!

I wanted to break free from the AppStore and now an Open Source app is telling me to go back to the AppStore for biometric access? Even KeePassXC allows this, whilst not being dependent on the AppStore.


Any updates on this? Is there a way to install the AppStore version from CLI?

I have no desire to create or use an Apple ID on any of my machines.


Really wish I didn’t have to depend on Apple’s App Store for my passwords.

Also wish I didn’t have to depend on Mac, but here we are :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yup, this would be a great addition :slight_smile: