Support autofill for pop-up login prompts

Autofill in pop-up login prompts

  • Please support autofill for sites that use pop-up login windows instead of HTML textboxes

Feature function

  • Currently, autofill only works for textboxes within the webpage
  • Some web applications require authentication before they send any HTML to the browser, like this:
  • It would be very helpful if these were possible to auto-fill as well

+1 to this. This is the only kind of login I have issues with bitwarden.

How ironic that to log in to this forum it brings up exactly the problem type of popup window that won’t autofill? If this non autofill of popups could be resolved that would be great as nearly every other login I use works perfectly.

After looking at this topic a bit, I think @Erinaceus is talking about Basic Auth prompts, which we do support.

@upsidedown The forum login auto-fills perfectly for me in Chrome/Safari/Firefox - you may want to post in the user support section to see if we can help figure it out.

@tgreer is right, I did mean basic auth prompts in the opening post. I’m sad to find out that I have to make sure only one login matches the URI for it to work. Does it also need to have ‘Auto-fill on page load’ enabled?

Sorry if I’m mixing up my terminology. I am using Firefox. I have the “autofill on page load” turned on.

Case 1

  1. I bring up the Bitwarden forum main page via my Bitwarden entry
  2. Click on login button on the main forum page
  3. The username / password window appears but is not filled in?
  4. Click on my Bitwarden Forum entry to fill and it then fills in the details.

Case 2

  1. I bring up the Bitwarden forum main page via my Bitwarden entry
  2. Click on my Bitwarden Forum entry to fill while still on the main forum page
  3. Click on login button on the forum page and now the username / password is filled in?

So “autofill on page load” is not working as I understand it. I would have thought that even if the autofill on page load was done in the background when the main forum page loaded it would behave as in Case 2 above so that when you got to the username / password page it would be filled in?
Maybe it’s a timing issue where a delay on “autofill on page load” would help? I have seen this mentioned before. Also I think that if “autofill on page load” was reinitiated a second time after x seconds that might help as well?

If this is still in the wrong section then please let me know. Thanks.

@upsidedown - no worries. It could be a timing thing, but I recommend using the CTRL/CMD + SHIFT + L for autofill when possible. Page loads can be tricky to wait on.

@Erinaceus no need for autofill on page load. Here’s the backstory: Autofill basic auth prompts · Issue #116 · bitwarden/browser · GitHub

Support for this, still a problem. Have turned off chrome offer to save passwords but will turn it back on due to this.

The problem still exists. Am I doing something wrong?