Suddenly logged out of some Bitwarden apps at once (but not all...)

Hi all,

I was editing an item in my vault using the iPhone app earlier today when suddenly the app logged itself out and presented me with the main login screen - and I had to enter my master password and authorise using 2FA to get back in. I then checked my MacBook and the Safari extension had also logged itself out, along with the standalone Mac app. Curiously, the Brave extension and my iPad app remained logged in… :thinking:

For context, I don’t set any of my apps to auto-logout (only lock after a set amount of time). What on earth could’ve caused this? If a bad actor had gained access and tried to deauthorize all sessions, surely the Brave extension and iPad app wouldn’t have persisted?

Any chance that your DSL-Modem re-connected in that moment ?

I don’t believe so - I was in a live chat with a company’s customer services at the time (which remained connected throughout) and had to stall them while I got back into my Bitwarden account to find the piece of informational she was requesting!

Surely a restart of my modem wouldn’t cause these apps to log me out though, would it? I thought each application kept a copy of the vault locally, so if connection had dropped it might not have been able to sync but it wouldn’t have signed me out?