Subscriptions: Allow direct credit or debit card payment methods

Allow subscriptions using credit or debit cards directly

  • Currently when I go to the Billing section of my account, I only see two payment methods available: PayPal and Bitcoin.
  • Neither of these are useful for me. Choosing PayPal makes me login to a PayPal account or create one, which I do not wish to do for privacy reasons (and also because I don’t like PayPal). I do not have any way to get or use Bitcoin.

Feature function

  • Allow credit or debit card payments directly (using something like Stripe or another payment processor)
  • Allow users to pay for subscriptions without having to create PayPal accounts when using credit or debit cards

Related topics + references

  • None. Couldn’t find anything related in the forums.

edit: I’m under “Go Premium”. It seems they only allow subscriptions via credit/debit. If you want to add credit to your account, they only allow paypal/bitcoin. So technically, their subscriptions do support credit/debit, it’s only their credits that don’t.

Are you accessing the site in a strange way?

This is what I see


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If another payment processor is added can the Bitwarden team also consider adding ApplePay?

Thanks, it looks like there was probably some website glitch. I was looking at the Family Subscription page, which I navigated to from the Organizations page. I checked after your reply and found the Credit Card option present. If I see this issue again, I’ll report it as an issue.