Sub forum for mobile phone users only?

A new quasi Bit Warden/password Manger user/trier here. What I need is a pw manager for dummies. That would make learning for me a whole lot easier.

But, I have one (for now) request/suggestion for the forum communities. I am an android phone only user for all my internet use (about 99% phone use - - no computer in the house). Is it possible to set up a mobile phone only sub forum for all questions, suggestions, etc concerning Android phones?

And, is there a “dummies only” general guide someone can point me to somewhere?

A lot of the guides on here assume that you know something about this stuff which I don’t. Even the guides and explanations are over my head. I have done a lot of reading on here and googling, but, it is very time consuming especially using my phone for everything and leads me to a lot of dead ends.

Thx, for any and all help.