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I am new to Bitwarden. I was able to successfully import all my passwords from KeePassX. My only concern is that I don’t see an option to create sub-folders. How can I create sub-folders?
password for item1
password for item 2
password for item 1
password for subFolder item 1

Take a look at: Folders | Bitwarden Help & Support

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@Joli_Martinez welcome!

They’re called ‘nested’ folders in Bitwarden because they’re really all ‘peers’ - but can be displayed in a hierarchy for easy viewing. It’s done by using a / in the name and building a path, more or less.

There is a better explanation of it on our help site here: Folders | Bitwarden Help & Support :+1:

That worked perfect.

Hello Peter_H,

Using BitWarden on Ubuntu Mate 20.04.3, Win 10 and Android. Everything works fine but sub-folders.

I’ve looked at the link. There’s a short paragraph indicating there’s no limit to nesting depth, but even hacking at it I’ve not found how to create even one level, i.e. a single sub-folder. Here’s what I’ve tried:
a) intuitively drag & drop but does not work
b) With all items listed, selecting a folder and right-clicking mouse, but context menu is that of the browser
c) selecting a folder or trying the “Add Item” button, but Folders is not an option
d) selecting a folder and then selecting selecting the “Options” button but adding a folder is not possible either
e) selecting a folder and then pressing the “+” button but that adds a folder in the root of the folder list not in the selected folder.
So how else could one add a sub-folder to a folder please ?

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Bingo !

Given a folder named “fun” to add a sub-folder “3D” hit the “+” button and enter the path with the new subfolder name: “fun/3D”