Strange bug when closing the Desktop app


I believe I found a really strange bug on the Desktop App. This occurred to me a couple of times now, but I can’t really say how to reproduce it because it happens randomly.

On some occasions when I open the Bitwarden Desktop App and then close it by hitting the top right “X” button (which minimizes it to the tray), the app doesn’t go to tray, but remains on screen. Pressing the minimize button does minimize it to the taskbar. If I try again to press the “X” button something really strange happens where my tray bar is getting filled with blank spaces. The number of blank spaces increases with every press on the “X” button, which is extremely odd. Just to take some snips, I did press the button quite a few times to observe how the tray bar gets filled with those blank spaces.
To end the behavior, I need to go into Task Manager and end the Bitwarden Process. After that I need to hover my mouse over all those blank spaces in the tray bar for them to disappear.

Here’s the snips I took for exemplification:

Any thoughts? Has anyone else encountered this?

It sounds like typical Windows gremlins - have you tried rebooting your computer? I suspect that will fix it.

The reboot definitely fixes it since I can easily end it from task manager as well, but I do remember that I haven’t bumped into this until the new version numbering scheme updates if I remember correctly. Like I said, it happened to me a couple of times, but I didn’t stress to much about it since it was an easy fix.
I just thought I might ask and see if other users have bumped into something similar.

I have not had this happen to me with the Bitwarden app, but it does happen occasionally with the Steam app on one of my PC’s. No idea what causes it, though. Sorry.

Ok, so this is not related to BW then if your Steam behaves the same sometimes. Really strange bug, I assumed it’s BW since it’s the only app I have where the bug represented itself.
Thansk a lot for your inputs!