Storing system passwords

New Bitwarden user here. So far I’m liking it, though coming from the Chrome password manager it feels like a lot more clicks.

Anyways, I’m wondering how people deal with system level passwords, such as wifi or vpn passwords, passcodes for ssh and pgp keys, etc. Based on what I’ve seen (in the app and the formus), Bitwarden does not interact with OS forms so there’s no way to pull up system level passwords. Is this right? I’m on Debian 10, if it matters.

More generally, how do people deal with system level passwords? Are you storing these passwords as Secure Notes in Bitwarden. If not, what else?


Don’t know if they work on Debian, but try the shortcuts that are available under Windows:
Ctrl + Shift + Y to open/close the Bitwarden extension.
Ctrl + Shift + L to fill in the credentials
Ctrl + V to fill in the matching TOTP

This is a highly requested feature. Cast your vote here:

I add system passwords the same way I do with those for web-sites or apps; hoping that one day I will be able to use them for desktop-apps.

I store system passwords as vault items, the same way I store web passwords. If I need an SSH password, for example, then I open the vault, copy the password and paste it in.

As a new user, I didn’t know about the shortcuts. In Brave browser on Debian 10, Ctrl + Shift + Y does not work for me, but Ctrl + Shift + L works and is a game changer! Thanks for the suggestion.

Thanks to both for suggesting storing system passwords as regular vault items. If the feature is implemented, it will hopefully make for an easy integration of these previously saved passwords.

Try this (again: this is how it is done in Chrome on my Windows machine, perhaps it helps):
Right click the Bitwarden extension → Manage extensions → (in the top left corner) ≡ Extensions → Keyboard shortcuts

Thank you! In Brave on Debian 10, the shortcut to activate the extension was Ctrl + Shift + U, which didn’t work for me. I changed the U to Y and it works perfectly!


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Hi there, I don’t see the option in Brave to manage the “Keyboard Shortcuts”, as shown in your screenshot.

You should ask @fez - it worked for him in Brave.

Try this URL: chrome://extensions/shortcuts

OK, that opens the panel under the Bitwarden extension and not the one on the left side of the browser that was always persistent until I closed it, which is the one that used to activate for me when I used Ctrl+Shift+Y.

The previous URL works for me with brave instead of chrome. I never had a panel on the left side of the browser, so I can’t help with that.

I think this was all about the Firefox sidebar and ALT+SHIFT+Y :sunglasses:

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