Storing emergency kit in home

I’m debating whether a passowrd emergency kit (which contains login details as well as 2FA recovery codes) stored in the home is better kept in:
-A fireproof document box. The advantage is that it is fireproof and waterproof. The disadvantage is that, while it stored in an inconspicious place, in a burglary it could be found and easily be carried out. I should not our home is protected with an alarm system.
-In another location in the home that would be virtually impossible for an intruder to find (e.g., think under a floor board with wall to wall carpet overtop, under a piece of nailed down baseboard, etc.) but would not be fireproof.

I’m leaning toward it being very well hidden (not in a fireproof box). My reasoning is that I have three passwords memorized: bitwarden, primary email, and Authy backups. If the house burned down and I lost all my devices, I would still be able to log in. However, the threat of someone stealing the information seems more severe as this would allow access to all accounts. Thoughts?

To guard against catastrophic loss in a fire, could you keep a second copy of the emergency sheet hidden in a different location (e.g., at work, in your car, buried in the ground, etc.)?

Also, you may be able to hide the document in a fireproof bag.

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