Store Vault on Etherium or other blockchain

Allow users to store their vault on the Ethereum blockchain, to offer an additional option to Bitwarden’s hosting and self-hosting

Currently, users can host their vault on their own server through self-hosting (but are then taking on the full risk of security problems and the need to address them rapidly once they’re discovered) or trust Bitwarden with is (super easy option, but highly dependent on Bitwarden being reliable and not going down or out of business).

I think the Ethereum (or another) blockchain would be an excellent additional option. Reads from the blockchain are basically free for users, and writing the vault back would incur a small cost.

For Bitwarden as a growing business, this would also attract the attention of the growing crypto community and surely bring in a lot of customers excited about the prospect of a user-friendly, decentralised password manager. You could obviously still monetise in the same way you do now, through additional functionality layered on top – and potentially this storage option itself could be a Premium feature.