Store password policy to be used in password generator in each login

Please provide a default password policy which is used account-wide (e.g. 64 chars, alpha-numeric + symbols, ambiguous characters, …) . Further, store the password policy login-wise, in case it differs from the default policy.
Unfortunately, there are still a lot of website which enforce weak password policies (only 8 characters, no symbols, only digits, etc.). Normally, I’d like to use strong passwords, but in some cases I’m forced to weaken the password, just for those sites.
It’s very frustrating to adjust the password generator for each password update and also to keep track of those password policies.
So, it would help a lot, if those policies could be stored for each login.

I like the idea. I would upvote, but I’m out of votes.

One thing that happens all too frequently is to set the password generator to generate a long password, but the site only accepts the first 10 characters (without telling you).

Now the password doesn’t work, and you have no idea how many characters you have to truncate to get it to work. By using trial and error, you then get locked out of your own account for too many bad login attempts.