Store Licenses, Server & Database information

I’m currently in the process of moving all of my 1Password content over to Bitwarden and realized that Bitwarden doesn’t have any means to store server information, database information or software licenses.

In an enterprise setting I understand this kind of stuff would sometimes be stored in other tools. For personal use though, having a centralized place with my website and app accounts along with my indie database and server accounts is really helpful. Having the ability to store license information is a bonus.

The examples below show one such server & database I have in AWS. I’ve stored the database name, two of the user accounts within the database along with all of the end-points available to hit the database. There are other fields that I don’t have filled out here, such as username and password to the MySql instance itself and the IP address of the server.

My servers have additional information as well, such as the administrator console, website/IP address, administrator credentials, hosting provider information etc. Things like the operating system running on the server would be good as well.

I know I can track this all as a Login, adding the additional details as extra fields. It just ends up cluttering my logins though with a bunch of server (for instance I have 130 servers/databases) when I’d rather they be isolated. I also know I can put these into folders, but it still clutters my general logins list making it cumbersome to scroll through.

I’d like to have a new Type for servers and databases to help with organization. You can see in the example all of the different kinds of Types I had utilized in 1Password.

I’m moving 705 items in my 1Password to Bitwarden and scrolling through them in the mobile/desktop apps is a pain. Keeping the items in my general Login pool limited to just website/app logins helps with that.

I don’t want to make Bitwarden a copy of 1Password, but having a couple of extra Types I think will go a long way with helping keep vaults organized.