Still no lock icon in Firefox

My apologies, as I’ve asked this before, but I still don’t get the lock icon showing up on my plugin icon in Firefox (ver 100). I know it used to be red and then changed to a more translucent gray color, but when the vault is locked, the icon never changes it’s status to the lock icon.

I done things like re-install the plugin, reset and re-install Firefox and the lock still doesn’t show up. For fun I tested in Safari, Chrome and Edge and they all show the lock icon as expected. Any ideas for Firefox?

I just checked, and the lock icon is visible on the extension using Firefox 100 on MacOS, Windows, and Linux.

What OS are you using? That’s very strange behaviour. I am guessing that it must be related to something specific about your system.

Interesting… I’m using Firefox on my personal Mac running 12.3.1 and my work laptop running on Windows 10, currently patched. Both browsers on two different machines and operating systems are not showing the lock on the icon. I’m stumped… as this used to work on both systems and it broke after one of the extension updates. Possibly after 1.55 or 1.56…

Are they both on the same network? Maybe there is something weird preventing the icons from downloading. If you can get on to a different network (e.g., cellular data) you could see if that makes a difference.

Sorry for my delayed reply…

Yes, they are both on the same network and I do run dual pi-holes for network wide ad blocking etc. I checked the query logs in pi-hole and all the Bitwarden domains are good and not being blocked. If the icons are coming from a different domain, would you know what that would be?

It is just a hunch, but weird behaviours like this with Bitwarden are often traced back to network issues. I would try using a different network to reinstall the software and see if that has any effect. At least then you could narrow down the issue.

Appreciate the tips, I’ll see what I can figure out, thanks!

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