Steps to log into a site with BitWarden - am I missing something basic?

At the moment I’m comparing Family versions of LastPass, Dashlane and Bitwarden to replace my insecure Chrome password setup. Despite the glowing reviews of Bitwarden compared to LastPass and Dashlane, I’m finding it really ‘clunky’ at putting passwords into websites. Dashlane and Lastpass work just like Chrome does and as soon as I try to log into a site, they populate the username and password, and I just have to hit carriage return and I’m in. With BitWarden, I either have to move the mouse onto the username, right click, scroll to the bottom of the new sub-window and select Bitwarden, then select the usename and password I want to autofill, and then hit carriage return, The other option is that I move the mouse to click on the Bitwarden plugin icon in my browser, then select the username and password I want to use, then doubleclick on the username and password I want to use and then hit carriage return. Both ways with Bitwarden work, but they are SO clunky compared to the automatic way that the username and password are inserted with DashLane or Lastpass. What am I doing wrong ???

Hi @tomx, welcome to the community.

For more information on autofill options please look here

The easiest is the keyboard shortcut: Cmd/Ctrl+Shift+L

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Daniel, thanks for the rapid response. I was aware of the keyboards shortcuts, but I’m never going to get the family to use them :frowning:. Your link did point me at the experimental Enable Auto-fill on Page Load button, which was exactly what I was looking for. I did a quick test on gmail and it worked exactly as I hoped/wanted and as Dashlane and Lastpass do. I’ll do some more testing with my other logins and see how it goes.

Thanks again, Tom.