Steam TOTP support

I’d love to abandon the Steam app (I only use it for TOTP), and its some KeePass programs have support for it. Maybe it could detect that the URL is, then offer SteamTOTP?

This is covered in Support TOTP auth parameters

@kspearrin are you sure about that? Steam OTP is not spec compliant. It uses both characters and numbers.

Then no. Seems like something other than a standard TOTP.

As the Key Uri Format is now supported, could this be looked into? This could work when for example the issuer is set to “Steam” or maybe “Valve”. The generation of these codes is not complicated, here is an example implementation based on WinAuth:

Steam OTP codes are supported in the next version of the apps. For the key field, prefix it with steam:// and it will use steam’s protocol.




To extract your key from Steam, see this article: