Start mobile app on search box

Nearly every time we will be using the mobile app (opening on our own), we will want to type something and search. This saves a couple clicks by starting the app at the search box (or having an option to do so). Some other apps (keepass) do this, and it’s actually really awesome and time saving after a while.

I totally agree with that - a very common usage will be to look up a login … right now you have to manually type the search icon, wait for the search window come up, type into the search box …

This is unusual behaviour - usually you have the search box right at the top of any list, compare all iOS default apps / lists like in contacts or iOS settings …

As mentioned KeePass Touch does it nicely …

This is my number one change request … thanks.

Yes 99% of the time, when I launch the BW app on my phone, I want to search for a login or secure note. Currently I must press a tiny magnifying glass button in the top-right corner of the screen. Top-right is the most inaccessible part of a phone for most people who hold their phone with their right hand.

Please create a search text box on the main screen that is quicker to access, similar to the LastPass app. I expect searching is what most people want to do when the launch the app. It should be far easier to access.

I agree. Another option is to have a tab “All Items” with a search bar or the search bar to be visible in the Folders tab.

I think this approach can be even better on phones with fingerprint sensor.
When you select a login place immediately ask for authentication, and then fill up if it got the password correct or ask user to search right there, without going to the app it self.

Too bad, that this feature request has not made it into the new app for IOS.
I would have considered this way more important that having 3 different color themes :frowning:

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Please add this feature, it is a much better/cleaner workflow.

New to Bitwarden. I like it very much so far. Just voted for this feature request. Having to take an extra step with some waiting involved to search after opening the app was the very first thing I noticed about the mobile app. I often use Bitwarden on my desktop computer and almost always start typing right away to find the item I want. Would be great if the mobile app behaved the same way.