Splitting Pasted Multil-Line Notes into Multiple Fields

Hello there,

I have encountered a scenario where I have a “security note” with the “Master password re-prompt” option enabled. However, I’ve noticed that the content of the note is visible before the re-prompt for the password. I’d like to suggest some improvements to enhance the security of notes and make using them more convenient:

Securing Note Content:

  • It would be beneficial to implement a feature that allows users to secure the content of a note itself. This way, the note’s content remains hidden until the user re-enters their master password. This added layer of security would be especially useful for sensitive information stored within notes.

Handling New Lines in Fields:

  • Currently, when pasting data with new lines into a note, they appear as a continuous block of text. To improve usability and readability, consider automatically splitting such data into new fields when pasted. This would make it more organized and user-friendly, encouraging users to utilize fields for structured data entry.

These enhancements would not only bolster the security of notes but also make the note-taking feature more versatile and user-friendly. Thank you for considering these suggestions.

Thanks in advance, Simon

@shirobachi Welcome to the forum!

In feature request threads, please limit the topic to a single proposal (otherwise, discussion and voting becomes too confusing).

As far as your first idea, it has already been requested in the Feature Request thread “Require Re-prompt for entire item (view, edit, etc.)” for the Bitwarden Password Manager, although you may wish to make a new request for the Bitwarden Secrets Manager, if applicable.

I have edited your post contents and topic title (was: “Enhancing Note Security in Bitwarden”) so that it focuses on your second proposal.

Finally, you have tagged your post as being related to the beta version of the new Secrets Manager product. Since the Secrets Manager product has been out of beta-testing since August, could you confirm that you want the beta tag applied? In addition, please confirm that your request is for the Secrets Manager, and not the Bitwarden Password Manager product.

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