Special case handling for Yahoo login

For better or worse, various Yahoo! services are still used by hundreds of millions of people.

The Yahoo! login is separated onto two distinct web pages (one for the username; another for the password).

Can you create a special case to handle this without having to go to the Bitwarden toolbar button twice?

Alternatively, can you reach out to Yahoo! so that their two page implementation is compatible with Bitwaden (a la Google).

Not sure this is possible. With Google it is possible because it’s not really two separate pages, just two steps on the same page. Your password field is just hidden from view in the first step, so we can still fill it.

With Yahoo, it is literally two separate pages. In the world of stateless HTTP we have no idea that you still want to fill step 2 after step 1.

Unless you refer to this:

There’s also something else that could ease this step, like shown here:
As you can see, I can either click the button at the end of the field or press the shortcut key to cycle between logins/passwords (like told on the thread above).

Here’s another example with Google:

On the 1st image (with Yahoo), you can see the drop-down “Log in as”. As I clicked it, you can fill in with those quick options.

Notice there’s a magnifying glass on the right of the pop-up (of the second image). That happens when there are many logins, so we can type in to find them to fill in. It’s just a quicker way to access and auto-fill the field.

But that’s something for another thread. Sorry for getting off-topic. Just to make sure you understand. :grin: