Sort order for base domain

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  • Smarter sort order

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When the URL selection is for example Base domain, we can get many logins to select from and one of them may be the exact url, that one should be displayed first.

I have 10 online tools
toot A: url (user A/pass PA)
toot B: url (user B/pass PB)

When I go on tool B, I have all 10 users displayed A B C …J and I have to manually select B

That also happen the case with anything that is not ‘exact’ URL selection.
The default behavior should be:
If any of the credentials listed is the exact current URL, that one should be displayed first to avoid manually scrolling to select the right one.
To make it worse the deault name is the domain name, so you can have all your entries having the same name which make selection extremely difficult.

Hello @Gasmi_Salim - welcome to the community forums!

If I am understanding your request correctly, can I suggest another way to handle this scenario that is already supported by Bitwarden?

If you have multiple credentials for a single domain, you can use URI matching within each login item to distinguish which credential belongs with each of the URLs you mentioned.

For example, for the login item for Tool A (user A/pass PA), set your URI to be matched as and set the matching scheme to be Starts With. This will ensure that this login item ONLY matches the scenario for Tool A. Then do the same thing with the rest of the login items to make them specific to the URL used to access each tool.

More info is available here:

Please let me know if that solves your issue. Cheers!

Thank you David so much for this answer !
Sure, it solve my issue, that being said, what if I had 30 tools ?
Setting up manually each of them is a pain that can be avoided.

The main idea here is to say:
If the program has several matches for the current web site due to poor configuration, lazy configuration, or whatever reason, if one of these matches is the exact url, that one should be first in the list to ease the user life.

Feel free to disagree :slight_smile:

Thanks you for your support.


Yes, I can certainly see how this would be convenient - a bit of a luxury feature, but definitely helpful. Cheers!

I see this differently, sometimes I can have multiple accounts for a domain but use one more often than others… It’d be nice to be able to set “relevance” level on a credential, so that’d come first in a search result or for a base domain.