Some issue when using Authy

This is technically not a Bitwarden issue since people are using Authy with it, I thought I asked. I setup bitwarden with 2FA across 2 phone and a desktop using Authy. I have some issues.

  1. I used Authy to add a 2FA token, which is added to the Authy list.
  2. I then installed a second mobile client and a desktop and verified that the tokens appear.I verified that the tokens are in place and that the device is added to the device list.
  3. The user then complain that it was hard to use. The chief reason appears to be the way the token was added. When I took a snapshot of the QR code, it added the service with the user name, but not the service. Since most of the service used the same email account, we now have 5 different account with the same email as the identifier. What would have been useful is if service name was also added so instead of [email protected], it becomes Bitwarden [email protected]

The other issue is that the icons are either too small to read or missing. On the android app, there are more icons than on the desktop, which shows up blank.

  1. I attempt to rectify the situation by editing the entry by adding “Bitwarden [email protected]”, etc. Unfortunately, the entry did not sync across. I did read the Authy doc and they indicate that icons do not sync across devices, but I didn’t realize the names and description won’t either.

Anyone run into this issue?

Ok, it turns out I did not completely understand how Authy syncing works, so I am going to give out a few tips in hopes of preventing someone else from pulling out their hair.

  1. When you scan in a QR Code, make sure you modify the description before you save. When you scan in the QR code, the entry will contain the email you used for the service’s 2FA. You should immediately modify it to include the service name, so you may see [email protected]. Modify it so that it say Bitwarden: [email protected]. Otherwise, you will get a table full of the same email address with no indication of what services the 2FA is associated with. Also be careful of auto correction.

  2. You cannot modify the 2fa entries after you created them. If you misspell the name and said Buckwarden: [email protected], you can modify the description to fix it, but it will never sync to the other devices. You have to delete the entry and re-add it.

  3. When you delete the 2fa, it will take 48 hours to disappear. During that time you can undo the delete. If you are not paying attention, it would appear that the delete did not work.

  4. Icons do not sync across devices, so if you change your icon, the new icon won’t sync to the other accounts.

@paulsiu You can modify name after adding it. Just go to Settings (top right corner) - Accounts (bottom middle) and then click on the account you want to modify. You can change name, logo… (unless I’m not getting what you were saying)
As for 48 hours, I think that’s more ‘security’ feature that you are sure you don’t need it but it could be annoying as it was for you and it was for me too.
As for devices syncing, I find that it doesn’t work well so that could be an issue as you mentioned.

You can change the name but name change won’t sync to other devices