[Solved] Which undocumented options for formatting your text are there inside this forum?

Besides from the options that are also available inside the menu like [ b ] bold [ / b ] (remove the blanks!) and [ i ] italic [ / i ] the ones that I have found are [ u ] underlining [ / u ] and [ s ] strikethrough [ / s ] and of course any combination of all of these. But that is about it. What I am still looking for is something for bigger or smaller text and perhaps for highlighting.
Any idea anyone ?

You can use HTML text formatting tags to accomplish a lot of this, such as hightlighting:

Most of the markdown formatting options are supported as well. See this reference:


I had tried this before and it did not work. I must have screwed up something. Thank you David.
If you want please delete this topic.

Is it OK if we keep it? I suspect others have (or will have) the same question.

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Yes, please keep this topic. It should be noted that the support for HTML tags appears limited to those 10 text formatting elements documented in the link posted by David above. For example, the following will not work:

<p style="background-color:Tomato;">Lorem ipsum...</p>



…In addition, I have found that HTML entitites can be used. One way that I use those is if I want to add more vertical space than the default paragraph spacing (as above), I insert one or more &nbsp; entities separated by paragraph breaks (as multiple paragraph breaks on their own will be ignored and displayed as a single break).

This may also help as Bitwarden’s community forum is built on Discourse.