[SOLVED] Option to upload image(s) and/or PDF within Identity section (or maybe in other places too)

Sorry if I’m duplicating a feature request, but I was unable to find something similar. Also, I’ve used the Android app, the Firefox extension and the Web Vault, and I haven’t found anything.

Feature name

  • Option to upload images(s) and/or PDF within Identity section
  • Maybe the option to upload images(s) and/or PDF in other sections too

Feature function

  • Have the option to upload images when adding a new Identity
  • Main use case is to be able to upload photos of national identity or passport
  • Having the option to attach files in different Vault items (like Secure notes) may be a desirable option, not just Identity

Thank you,


Hello @andyolivares - welcome to the community forums!

File attachments are already possible in Bitwarden, and you can definitely use these to attach PDFs or images to your identity cards in all the clients. However, this is a premium feature, so you have to subscribe to Bitwarden to use attachments. See more details here:

Since your request is already provided by Bitwarden, I am going to mark this one as SOLVED. Cheers!

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