[SOLVED] LetEncrypt Certificate error (Expired root certificate)

Since 1 or 2 days, I have a certificate problem with my self hosted Bitwarden on my Synology.

I’m using the files that are „generated“ by my Synology from LetsEncrypt:

privkey.pem as private.key
cert.pem as ca.crt
chain.pem as certificate.crt

With these files, I receive a certificate error on all Apple devices (MacBook, Iphone and Ipad).

On Windows, everything is fine - no error.

Any hint how to fix this issue?

Are you running on the latest updates for your Apple devices? The root certificate is built into the OS so an update of your iOS and OSX should resolve it

Lets Encrypt Root Certificate Expiration

Yes, even with ios 15.0.1 I have this problem.

Problem solved :slight_smile:

Instead of cert.pem, nginx needs the fullchain.pem as certificate.crt.

I have similar problem on Android 12 Google pixel 5a. Tried installing the cert but get invalid cert error.