[SOLVED]LastPass to Bitwarden - 2FA Authenticator App Question/Advice

Hello Fellow Wardens.

Im a new Bitwarden Premium User in the process of migrating my data from LastPass to Bitwarden. So far the experience has been flawless, and I’ve enjoyed the fresher and more responsive (in my opinion) UI of Bitwarden. In setting up my account I’ve chosen to use Authy as the 2FA authenticator app on my mobile device - all good so far, and no problems.

For my LastPass account, I used the LastPass authenticator app for all those logins (Google, Amazon etc). that use 2FA. The issue I now face is that I need to find an easy way to “transfer” all those accounts 2FA from LastPass to Authy (I think it wise to stick with one authenticator).

I suspect, I will need to:

  1. Log in to each account and turn OFF 2FA temorarily; then
  2. Turn 2FA back on again, but this time capture the 2FA QR Code (or type it in) using the Authy app.
  3. Once completed and verified, close out my LastPass account and remove the LastPass authenticator from my mobile device.

Does this sound like a reasonable approach?

I was wondering if anyone has had to do the same, and if they can offer any advice or tips & tricks? Is there an alternative method available that I don’t know of?


Does LP not have access to the TOTP code (not the TOTP, but rather a longer key)?

I’m testing, and when I migrated from Enpass to BW, a TOTP code was imported to BW, but didn’t work since I’m not yet a premium member (still evaluating). But I was able to copy the TOTP code that was imported and create an item in Authy using that code.

Then I just tested it to ensure that it worked and everything was fine.

I didn’t have to turn it off in the accounts that I moved.

Im unsure to be honest.

However, since I didn’t have many 2FA accounts, I proceeded manually and followed my own advice. It worked nicely and didn’t take too long to do.

However, I see as a premium user I could have opted for using DUO instead, so I might eventually go with that :slight_smile:

Hello @Col

No solution was found to automate this process?

Not as far as I know

You do need to turn 2FA off for each account and set it up again. The good news is that once you’ve done this, you can have your codes backed up to the cloud with Authy.

I previously used Google Authenticator and had exactly the same problem.