[SOLVED: IT DOES HAVE AUTOFILL] Essential requirement - true form AutoFill

Bit warden is currently missing a rare opportunity. LastPass users are currently dissatisfied that on March 1st 2021 they will be subjected to charging when using lastpass on more than one device type, eg mobile and laptop browser.
So we are looking around for a change which is how I found Bit warden.

So have today tried Bit warden, on both my Android mobile and Laptop Chrome browser having sucessfully imported all my LastPass data.

Summary / key differences:

  • on Android mobile Bit warden is better than Lastpass. All the features are the same as LastPass, but a very beneficial shorter unlock PIN is available for Bit warden.
  • on the laptop the LastPass Chrome browser extension has the more than essential full autofill feature, but the Bit warden Chrome extension does not. Detecting the current URI and AutoFilling is an essential. Who wants to make 4 or so extra clicks to fill a form with Bit warden when LastPass does it all for you effortlessly


  • Most of my form filling is on the laptop. Therefore with LastPass needing far less effort to use, I will be sticking with LastPass. I am excited about Bit warden. It’s almost there. The Chrome and Firefox extensions just need an auto fill option that detects the URI and truly auto fills, like LastPass. When tis feature is available I will be back.

Bitwarden does have an autofill feature that is disabled by default. It’s can be enabled in Settings > Options, “Enable Auto-fill On Page Load”.


Thanks. I don’t know how I missed that, but I did miss it.
Bit warden does indeed have an autofill on the chrome extension as you describe.
I used the navigation you describe and was able to enable autofilling and it works.
It works just fine.
It would be nice if the user could pick the login to use from the forms fields like you can with LastPass. Do you know if there is such a switch?

Input field icons and a popup to select which credentials to populate the field with is currently a pending feature request. With the migration of many LastPass users to Bitwarden (including myself) though, it’s been getting a lot of upvotes. Give it a vote here and perhaps it will arrive sooner than later!: Overlay popup interface


Thank you for the link: I just made sure to upvote that.

I’ve now had some more time to look around and Bit warden seems to have more potential than LastPass. Linux appimage, CLI and various browser extensions are available. It’s also OpenSource.

I briefly tested the Firefox browser extension and this also auto-fills passwords by URI.
It would be nice if it remembered the backend “autofill setting” from the setting given it in the Chrome extension, but it does not. I had to tell the Firefox Bit warden extension, independently, to auto fill forms, having already done so for the Chrome extension.
Doing this twice does not seem to make sense to me.

I saw somewhere that Bit warden is supposed to auto save new site registrations, but I’ve yet to make a new site registration where that works.
It did not autosave the new password I created for this forum https://community.bitwarden.com
though the login form URI does seem as if it may be hidden behind some JavaScript.

Do you know if auto save of new passwords for registrations at new sites works,
and do I need to enable this somewhere?
(I had another look for such a setting and didn’t seem to see anything)

Yeah, not receiving the new credentials prompt is apparently a common issue based on my searching. Ironically it did not prompt me to save the password I generated for the Bitwarden community forum either. I did get a pop up a notification yesterday when I changed the password to an existing credentialed site, however. It definitely has some shortcomings compared to LastPass, but I’m willing to see how it evolves. Maybe with many switching over from LastPass, the pace of fixing issues will increase.

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can be enabled in Settings > Options, “Enable Auto-fill On Page Load”.

I do not see that option under the browser extension or internet website.

Version 1.24.6
Shell 6.1.7
Renderer 76.0.3809.146
Node 12.4.0
Architecture x64

Solved: I found it. Must be dyslexic

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Thanks @jra85 for this answer!
Thanks also to @Kes for having raised the question. I believe we are many these days migrating from LastPass before the March 16 deadline and (re)discovering Bitwarden…
Great time to collect improvement hints from the massive inflow of newbies’ stumbles!

Where is it? If I am in Chrome and right click on the three dots next to Bitwarden, Option is greyed out. If I open the Bitwarden program on my PC, settings are listed under File, but there is nothing in the Options section about Auto-fill.


click on the bitwarden icon and select settings, then option. Scroll down to the autofill and select enable auto-fill on page load.

Is the option to enable autofill on page load available in the free subscription?

Indeed it is! The setting has moved further down the page in Settings > Options, but it’s available for all Bitwarden users.

Thanks Trey,
I was looking at settings in the web page interface, which is much different then in the extension window.

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I had a problem with my last PW Manager (Google) and the autofill leaving my clipboard with copies of everything! SMH. Does this auto fill go thru the clipboard?

The autofill in the browser extension only uses the clipboard when auto-copying a TOTP code :+1:

Thank you so much!

Thank you for showing us where that setting is.
It is a shame that:

  1. It is turned off by default.
  2. The setting only shows in the extension, not the web interface.
  3. It is buried so deep into the settings that you have to come here for guidance when in Lastpass it is on by default.

This is weird choice, Bitwarden. Thanks again.

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This is True Autofill BUT even when turned on it is GLOBAL autofill which is inappropriate for many sites at best - at worst it is dangerous.
Much better would be site-specific True Autofill. Which would be off by default on all sites but which could be turned on manually for specific sites.
LastPass certainly did some things better. Then again, I wouldn’t be here if they were actually trustworthy. (note to BitWarden developers - use LastPass for a month or two so you can see what it does well).
@djsmith85 has corrected me on this below!

Hi @wittybrit,

the setting “auto-fill on page load” sets the default for all items, but once it’s enabled it can be toggled for every single login item.

More information at https://bitwarden.com/help/auto-fill-browser/#on-page-load