[Solved] Have to add Custom URL each time to login

Recently installed Windows 10 on a new drive to start with a clean OS.

Every time I want to use the Desktop Client or Firefox plugin it says Invalid Master Password. If I log out and go to settings and enter the Server URL for Custom Environment I can log in once and as soon as it gets locked I get invalid password again.
If I then log out and check the settings the Custom Environment URLs are all cleared and I have to enter them again.

On my phone and “Old Windows 10” I dont have to use Custom Environment URLs and login always works.

Any ideas?

Welcome Ariex to the community,
You should get in touch with the Bitwarden team at https://bitwarden.com/contact. They will help you.

After a restart of my server I started getting errors with the Bitwarden-Nginx container. Removed it and fetched a new one and it started working again.