[SOLVED] Clear clipboard cannot be disabled on Firefox extension


Apologies if this is the wrong place to post this, but I don’t see a dedicated forum or email address for bug reports.

Just started using Bitwarden a few days ago. However, I have found one persistent error: my clipboard is being cleared every minute or so. This makes Bitwarden difficult to use because some sites have additional steps to go through, and also basic life interruptions (kids, animals, a ringing phone, etc.). I am aware of the Clear Clipboard setting, and I confirmed that this setting is set to Never, so this shouldn’t be happening.

After all the basic troubleshooting steps (restarting the browser and restarting the computer), this persists. The only option I’ve found that works is to just not use the browser extension, which is unfortunate because the browser extension is so convenient.

Glad to provide any further details if needed!

Hi @3wawa - welcome!

I use the BW extension on Firefox for Windows, MacOS and Linux (Ubuntu) and I have never had this issue occur. Have you tried removing the extension, restarting Firefox, then reinstalling the extension again to see if that fixes it?


Thanks for your welcome @dh024!

Your advice worked - thanks so much for the quick and friendly reply. I would say it’s odd that it worked, but I have enough software development experience to know that sometimes it just happens like that.

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That’s great - glad to hear it worked!

I’ll mark this one as solved then. Cheers!

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