[SOLVED] Can I view 2fa/totp codes on mobile?

Viewing the generated 2fa token in the mobile app


Currently, the mobile copies the 2fa token to your clipboard after an autofill.
However, this has proven un-reliable, and some niche apps do not allow for pasting 2fa token at all.

Feature function

Introduce the desktop TOTP UI to the mobile app

Welcome, @Ynng! The mobile app does display the TOTP code for an item when you view the item directly.

Is that what you’re looking for or is it something else?

Oh, hm… yes indeed…
I swear it wasn’t there 10 minutes ago, and it wasn’t a sync issue because I added the authenticator key in the mobile app…
Anyways, Thanks!

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Glad to help! :slight_smile:

I’m guessing it was because I only just bought the premium plan, and the mobile app haven’t synchronized that yet?
Since in the browser I had to manually click a “refresh membership” button before it would recognize it.

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I think that sometimes, but usually it is me that has got something wrong :smiley:

Same thing happened to me. I upgraded to premium 15-20 mins ago and couldn’t figure out how to view the code on mobile. When I looked at the entry, i just saw the OAAuth url that I entered in. As soon as I read this post, I checked back and the code was there. I think you just have to read this post to make it work. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I am having the same issue. Cannot see totp in the app and cannot get them to autofill with or without the inline option turned on. Galaxy s22± android 12


If you can see the OTP codes on the desktop or browser extension, but not mobile, try logging out and logging in again.

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@dh024 I cleared the app data and then logged back in. Once I did that the code started showing up. I’m not sure if the auto fill is working but at least I can copy now