[SOLVED] Bitwarden does not seem to work on ifixit.com/

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I added https://www.ifixit.com/ to my vault, but I was not able to use it for the login. I using a Windows 10 PC with Chrome as the browser.

I checked in the help center, but no solution appeared.

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This works for me:


Thanks Peter_H, but it did not help. I made the change from default match to starts with and Bitwarden still does not find any matching login.

It does work. I just created an account and tried it out. Did you make sure that instead of the username you have to enter your eMail-address ?
Just a shot in the dark: Which language do you choose on that website ?

It’s the browser extension not behaving nicely. I finally got it to work, but its behavior is inconsistent. I turned off the browser extension Chrome and then turned it on again and I got it to work. Also, it it gives a message that there are no logins when it should say the vault is locked.

Thank you for your help!!!

I created a login for that site and it works fine for me. I’m on Firefox. BW is set to recognize Base Domain. Popup for Save worked instantlly and autofill worked after logging out and in again.

I would record your credentials, delete any and all BW Logins for the site. Restart browser and try again to login manually and Save the info when it pops up.

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Works fine for me. Sorry you’re having trouble.

I was able to fix the problem I was having. It had nothing to do with ifixit.com. I was getting a message from Bitwarden that there were no matching logins. The problem was that my vault was locked. Once I unlocked my vault, everything was fine with logging in.

In addition, I only recently switched from LastPass to Bitwarden and I was on the learning curve on how Bitwarden works.

Thank you for taking time to respond to my post!!!