[Solved] Auto-fill Logins on Android - Is the auto login always available or does it lock out sometime, if so, when?

I tried to use Auto-fill Logins on Android apps, and I have a question:

It appears that the autofill is always available when clicking on the app icon (and reaching the login page).

Since I don’t want anyone picking up my phone and entering easily my bank app, I expected to see a Log in that locks out every now and then.
Am I missing something ?

In the pic below: the regular log in screen that shows every once in a while in the extension and didnt show when entering apps

Hi @jonatr - this may be an issue with your Vault Timeout settings. On your Android device, what is your Timeout period set to currently? Ote that the setting is different on every device/Bitwarden client.


Hi @dh024 ,

thanks for your reply.

It appears that:

  1. As you said -There was a problem with my Vault Timeout settings - the timeout was too long (15 minutes) so it looked like it never locks out…

  2. Two different android apps need different solution - one needs Autofill Service and the other one only uses Draw-Over (looks less effective).

Thanks !