[SOLVED] Add the ability to logout from the cli

Feature name

logout command for the cli bw logout

Feature function

it would log you out and remove anything (it can) that you download when you log in

Related topics + references

not that I know of

additional context

I believe I logged in on the CLI before I subscribed, and it seems it doesn’t know. I’ll be messaging support about that.

bw list items --search gpg | jq -r 'first.id' | xargs  bw  create attachment --file gnupg.tar.xz --itemid
Premium status is required to use this feature.

This command is already available in the CLI, so I am moving this thread to the User-to-User support category.

From the BW CLI, type bw --help to see all the commands and options.

Have you tried entering the command yet? If so - what response do you get if you type this in?

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oh jeez, I had done that, but apparently I didn’t scroll up past examples, I did not find it though on the documentation for the CLI on the web, and there’s no man bw. I honestly don’t know why I didn’t just type bw logout though. documentation on the web! and ideally a man page :wink: (which could just be a copy of the web document more or less).

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I noticed it wasn’t on the web as well, which is a bit strange. But glad it worked for you! I’ll mark this as solved then. Cheers.