Smarter URI matcher

Some domains will have individual websites for its subdomains, for example:

For currently detection methods:
None of them can help users easily find the correct entry without effort, see related post:

Which I want is similar but smartly combined all match detection methods, and we may call this detection method as “smart”.
For the “smart” one, we won’t let users have their own choose, and it should perform matches in the following order:

  1. match with “exact”.
  2. match with “starts with”, with will consider the protocol (http, https, ftp, etc.), and the whole URI.
  3. match with “host”, this will consider subdomains (won’t include domain level records).
  4. match with “regex”, this can be optional.
  5. match with “Base domain”, this should include all related records for the domain.
    Once there is a match, the corresponding records will be returned. If there is an error, the user needs to modify the record.

Even more, we can provide a “custom” option, which allows users to reorder the detection methods.
Then we should only need three items in the “Default URL match detection” in its context menu:

  • Smart
  • Custom
  • Never

This feature can provide more user-friendly and (should ) make them happy!

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