Single Login Password/Pin

One userful feature there is on LastPass is the Single Login Password where you can set up to need to reprompt the master password for any single login (e.g. bank credentials).
Since in Bitwarden we can use also a Pin, it could be even easier.

THX and God bless you!

There is already a request about this. Search before posting.

Hi Nik1, thanks for the replying!

I have serched (top right search) and posted on the community… it was on GitHub!

BTW, the topic started in March 2018 but still we are talking about it …

THX again!

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Absolutely right! I’m in the community and if I’m not able to find something here which I want to request I’m not willing to search on GitHub or other communities. :confused:

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@DenalB :wink:
BTW, I hope the Single Login Password/Pin will come soon!
Somebody is waiting since early 1918 :sleepy:

1918? :flushed:

Ops! Waiting a looong time! :roll_eyes:
March 2018…

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Yeah, there’s a lot of old discussions about features that still aren’t in yet. But the good news is due to a convergence of the platform stabilizing, the BW becoming more popular allowing for more funds to hire resources, several deemed higher priority but just as old features are planned to roll out this and next year.

It’s like one of those situations where you going from putting all your effort into treading water(aka maintenance/support) to suddenly making forward progress, and it’s a lot of progress.