Sincerely disappointed in Bitwarden

Hi, I’m a long time user of LastPass. First I want to say I always found the LastPassUI horrible. Then they changed their business model and I had to pay more than 50$ a year for it to work on all my computer and phone. Then I found out about Bitwarden on Reddit. Not sure if it turns out that it was real people behind all the great messages or maybe just a super hype because LastPass disappointed so many users or just that the pricing of BW is so low that people close their eyes on certain aspects. I was so hyped from what I’ve read on Reddit that I paid the 10$ directly, even without trying, in my head I was like, we gotta encourage those small businesses if we want the service to last long.

I have to say in all honesty that BitWarden is officially the worst Password Manager application I’ve ever had in my hands. I’ll make a list of everything that doesn’t work.

  • Slow, but I mean SLOW performance in Chrome
  • Can’t even login in Chrome 50% of the time
  • Login hangs for so long, it’s non-sense
  • Deleting an entry 75% of the time make their website crash and you have to reconnect
  • Modifying an entry 75% of the time make their website crash and you have to reconnect
  • UI look bad

From there, I told myself that it must be the website not as good as the application, turns out I was wrong.

  • App logs out in Windows every 10 minutes even if I’ve set 24 hours
  • Login hangs for so long, it’s non-sense
  • Now login is broken and I can’t login in both computers, at least we can login to the forum to say it’s bad
  • When you log in half of the time no passwords are showing, it’s loading forever
  • Deleting an entry 75% of the time does nothing, you have to spam Mouse Click + Enter and eventually register what you asked for
  • Saving an entry 75% of the time does nothing you have to spam Mouse Click
  • Deleting or saving entries eventually make the application crash
  • Error messages spams randomly, got at least 10 of them in 30 minutes (see screenshot)
  • Everytime you delete an entry it puts you back at the start of the list, really annoying when cleaning old websites
  • UI look bad

I’ve read in the options that the default KDF encryption is 100k and if we put a higher number it may get hard on CPUs, so I tried lowering that value to 50k as a last troubleshooting step and it loads forever and eventually crash. Tried 2 times.

Bitwarden is totally broken, unprofessional and amateur. Can’t believe Reddit, Trustpilot and blogs are all over it. I guess it’s the trend or hype. I hope you guys can rewrite the whole thing before your reputation crashes. In the meantime I’m asking a full refund as I already lost 2 hours on this.

Thank you and good luck.

I’m a long-time Bitwarden user and I have never experienced a single one of the errors or other problems you listed. From the screenshot you posted and the large number of issues you’ve faced, I don’t know what the root cause is. That said, I suspect it’s possibly something related to your particular setup. If these issues were widespread, you’d read about them everywhere! As you’ve already seen on Reddit, feedback on Bitwarden is overwhelmingly positive. On this forum, I haven’t seen reports of the problems you’ve been experiencing.

I’ve tried other password managers, including LastPass, and didn’t particularly like any of them. Obviously, the UI is subjective - if you don’t like it, that’s fair enough. Personally, I really like the Bitwarden UI.

This forum is for Bitwarden users to ask questions and help each other, though there are also some Bitwarden staff that post on here. It sounds like it’s a bit late for this but do you have performance issues with any other sites or programs? Are you running an up-to-date, fully patched OS? What version of Chrome do you use? Have you tried logging in using a different computer? I think the best approach would have been to pick the main issue you’ve faced and create a post on here seeking help with it. There are a lot of helpful people on here that would ask questions like the ones above to try to help diagnose what’s going on.

Finally, no-one here would be able to help with a refund, so I’d contact their Support Team about that. As the free product is more than adequate for most people’s needs, I’m not sure why you paid for the Premium upgrade before trying it. Hopefully they can help you out.


Hi Dan,

I have the problem. I get the same error message in my browser. Also the android app has a login issue as well… Hopefully they can fix it.

Coincidentally, I think there is an issue at the moment:

This looks to have only started after the maintenance window earlier, so hopefully this will be fixed very soon. I don’t think this explains all the issues described in the opening post, unless of course that’s all feedback from using BW in the last few hours?

@G22 is all of the feedback you’ve provided based on using Bitwarden today? There is an issue following the earlier maintenance window, so please don’t think that the issues you’ve experienced are typical of the product.

Hi! I have the same errors both from web and Andriod application. Account is unavailable from everywhere. Please, fix this problem

IMO it’s pretty “unprofessional and amateur” to treat Bitwarden so harshly without even giving anyone a chance to respond. There was an outage this morning. I’ve been using Bitwarden for months and I have no regrets about switching to it.


@G22 - sincerely, thank you for the feedback.

We are always open to hearing the ways we can be better. I am going to close this thread though, as these types of discussions often get very energized and don’t necessarily help focus on the solutions and improvements we can make.