SimpleVault import?

I have an old SimpleVault password store that I’d like to import to Bitwarden. It’s a very simple, but also very old PHP based password vault and of course it doesn’t show up in the supported formats list. Did somebody by any chance manage to do this, maybe? If so, please respond! :smiley:

The vault itself is a text file with tab-separated fields:

Logins       SomeWebsite  Timestamp  ECB-encrypted-payload

But that’s not really helpful, because I want to import the decrypted payload of course. The SimpleVault GUI only has a " Bulk Decrypt Entries" function, but then all the entries are displayed in HTML, e.g. something like this (yes, the newlines are nasty):

Category:	Logins
Title:	SomeWebsite
Login:	[email protected]




…but parsing HTML is hard and I have some trouble catching all the content in the free-text “Notes” fields. So, if anyone has done this, or something similar to this (e.g. imported an unsupported password store), please respond :smiley:


Could you display the HTML page in a web browser and then save that as a text file? That could then be read into a spreadsheet, any changes made and then the information saved as another file, which can then be imported into Bitwarden.

Notes may be a problem, as they have a limited length in Bitwarden. What some have done is to identify the long entries, save them somewhere else then import a truncated version while still having the long version elsewhere. With a paid Bitwarden the long version could be attached to the relevant entry as a file.

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Phew, what happened here? I saw your response @Davidz but then never responded? Sorry about that, really.

Thanks for responding, and although this thread is now over one year old: yes: saving as HTML is of course possible, but as mentioned above, parsing HTML is hard and I was somehow hoping that someone heard of SimpleVault and already managed to do the import. The topic is still unsolved and this one user still has not migrated off SimpleVault, so I guess parsing HTML it is then :-\

Sorry again for not responding (way) earlier, @Davidz!