Signouts more frequent than I would like

With my iOS BW app and with the BW Chrome extension, I’m finding that I am randomly logged out (locked I think is the term that BW uses) for no reason sometimes.

When I open my iOS app, usually my work profile will sign out more frequently than my personal profile (I have two profiles/accounts in my iOS app). There is no reason I can find as to why I’ve been signed out. I have it set to “never” for logging out/locking.

The same happens with the BW Chrome extension as well.

I don’t mind the random lock in the iOS BW App because I just unlock with FaceID so only a tiny delay.
Occasionaly I actually get logged out and I often find I can kill the app (swipe up) and when I restart the app, I can just FaceID unlock to get back in.

Random log outs in the Chrome extension would be a bigger problem but I never experience that.

These are not equivalent terms. In Bitwarden, “log out” means that all Bitwarden vault data (including the encrypted vault cache stored on your device and the decrypted vault contents held in memory) are purged and your authentication is voided, so that you can’t use the Bitwarden app for anything other than contacting the Bitwarden servers to re-authenticate. Conversely “lock” means that your authentication remains valid, the encrypted vault cache remains available on your device, but the decrypted vault contents are cleared from volatile memory.

I have it set to “never” for logging out/locking.

This is not possible. You can set the vault timeout period to “Never”, but you must set the Vault Timeout Action to either “Lock” or
“Log out”. Which setting are you using for the vault timeout action?

Sorry about the terminology. I think we’re debating semantics here.

The vault timeout is set to never. The iOS app will randomly lock where I have to enter the master password again. FaceID won’t work until after you use the master password and unlock the app. It should be that there is an option where you never have to enter your password if FaceID is turned on. Additionally, the Chrome extension will occasionally do the same thing. Today it was just majorly annoying because I couldn’t approve it from my phone. When I sent the approval, my work account was locked.

One bug I’ve also found is that when the iOS app has two accounts active, if you send an approval request to the account that is not active, it will ask for your master password even though it’s unlocked. If you manually select the other account, quit the app, then send the approval request again, it will work as intended.

Again, sorry for the confusion on the terminology.

I can’t promise this will help but I don’t suffer the level of problem you’re getting so I suggest you try the same settings…
In the IOS app I have “Unlock with FaceID” checked, session timeout to 5 minutes and session timeout action to Lock.
The unlock action takes only a fraction of a second.

On the odd occasion it has asked for my master password, I have just killed the app and then restarted and FaceID was working again, so it is a little bit flakey but nothing too bad.

It’s not just semantics, because your app configuration determines how your app behaves. You still haven’t said what your Vault Timeout Action is — and yes, it does make a difference whether your setting is “lock” or “logout” (they are not just different ways of saying the same thing).

Sorry, it’s set to lock.