Signed up with the wrong email - am I in trouble?

Hello all, I’ve just arrived here from LastPass.

I set up an account and imported all my passwords from LastPass. Then tried to log in and it wouldn’t work.

Long story short it looks like I entered my email wrong when I signed up! So now someone with an email very similar to mine has received an email asking them to verify “their” BitWarden account!

There’s no way they can access my account right? It’s impossible without my master password?

Hey @Chris_Stiff and welcome to the community.

This is correct, even if you signed up to an account with the incorrect email. Should it be a valid email that person will be getting an invitation to Verify “their” account.

They absolutely will not be able to sign in to your account though without access to your master password.
Similarly the only thing that could be done, would be deletion of the account with access to that email as noted here.

If you happen to be aware of the incorrect email you used to sign up with, you should be able to still sign in to the account with the master password you set up, and then you can change your login email and then confirm the account.


I too migrated today :+1:
I’m not going to delete my LP account though because I want to make sure I’m part of any class acions/lawsuits that will inevitably follow. :+1: