Sign into Bitwarden upon reboot of my system

I would like to sign into Bitwarden upon reboot of my system. How do I set this up?

I envision signing in once, allowing browser extension to work. Upon reboot I would sign in again for the entire session.

Hey there, are you using biometrics or entering master password upon reboot? If using biometrics, you can have the desktop app start on login, and then use biometrics to authenticate into the browser extension.

I enter the master password when prompted for it. It re-prompts every time I use the browser. That is what I am trying to avoid.

For now, I set the option “Vault Timeout” to “never” for my convenience, but the Bitwarden sign in survives a system shutdown and reboot. I would be happy with the vault self-locking whenever I signed out of windows, either explicitly or by letting Windows time out.

I’m still trying to find the most convenient usage habits for me while maintaining a decent level of security.

Does anyone have any hints on using Yubikey? I wouldn’t mint touching that every time I opened my browser.

Hey @bertilak you can also set the vault timeout to ‘on browser restart’ and then the vault will be unlocked until you reboot the system.

That’s not exactly the behavior I was looking for, but it might be close enough. I’ll just have to develop some new habits. Should be OK,


Is that system restart or browser restart? I was under the impression if you quit the browser app and restart it, you would be required to log in again.

Yes, that is exactly what I was hoping to avoid.

I’d feel I was well-enough protected if the act of shutting down or logging out of the computer is what required a re-authorization. As long as I am still using the computer, don’t require me to, once again, prove who I am.

It depends on the OS you are using. In MacOS, you can close your browser window but leave the app running in the background, in which case BW will not logout.

If you are on Windows or Linux, you would have to minimize your browser to mimic this behaviour. Otherwise, as soon as you close your browser, the extension is also killed and Bitwarden’s in-memory session disappears. Because your encryption key is only stored in memory (for security reasons), you must login BW again every time you reopen your browser.

See more here:

I would like Bitwarden to lock up based on my behavior, not only on some elapsed time.

  1. If I Logout.
  2. If Windows locks my session for whatever reason. In other words, if Windows will require me to re-login to continue.
  3. If I explicitly lock Bitwarden.
  4. A timeout COULD be added to any of those, but I wouldn’t care about that,

I asked this question because I thought there MUST be some combination of settings to accomplish this (so many settings seem to dance around it) but if there isn’t, perhaps I should submit it as a suggestion,