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Just deployed self-hosted (Linux box with SSL cert via Let’sEncrypt) and the web app (both on PC and IOS Chrome) is working well, but the browser extensions and and IOS app rejects my credentials.

I have double checked before entering creds/reset master password via web app (excluding special characters - as I read on the forum that has caused issues with mobile app sign-in in the past) but still no love.

Reviewed logs for errors but couldn’t see anything obvious.

Assistance would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Out of curiosity, did you download and install the official Bitwarden server release, or is this some other software forked from Bitwarden, like Vaultwarden or Bitwarden_rs? I ask because Vaultwarden users were having issues like this a few months back (I don’t recall this being an issue with the Bitwarden release, though).

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Hi @TxJn and welcome to the community.

Maybe not as obvious with the Webvault as you directly access it via your servers url, but did you change the client settings to connect to your instance?

Here’s the guide on our help site: Connect Clients to your Instance | Bitwarden Help & Support

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Hi @djsmith85, thank you for the welcome and the quick response.

Updating the server URL as per the documentation did the trick, thank you.

I had stumbled across that guide previously but as I was unable to sign-in to start with, I dismissed it as it states step 1 is to log out of the app.

All good now : )

Will continue to test prior to putting into production and reach out if I have any further questions.



Hi @dh024, vanilla I believe.

Used a combination of the below guides and official documentation to complete the install.

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