Show what Vault I'm logged into

I have several Bitwarden accounts (one personal, one Enterprise admin, and my Enterprise standard) and I never know which vault I’m signed into. The browser extension doesn’t tell me anywhere which vault account I’m signed into. If I click the “Bitwarden web vault” it asks me to sign in, but since I don’t know which vault I’m signed into, I have to guess.

It should be very clear to the end user which Bitwarden account they are currently signed into, but as of yet, there is no easy option.

Please add the account somewhere in the extension so the user knows which account they are signed into.

My guess is this is inherent to the account switching functionality which is still pending for the browser extension it looks like. You can see how it’s already done in mobile and desktop where the currently active account is visible:

Thanks all, the team is working on account switching that will resolve this issue by indicating your logged in account.