Show the *active* default match selection in dropdown box

In the browser extension app, when manually editing a site’s matching strategy of a URI, several options are shown. The first one is the “Default match selection”. Like e.g. so:

- V Default match detection
-    Base domain
-    Host
-    ...

However, I often/always forget what I have chosen to be the default match selection. (via Settings > Options > General > Default URI match detection).

Request: Add the active default URI match detection between brackets after the “Default match detection” dropdown entry. So it would become e.g.:

- V Default match detection ("Base domain")
-    Base domain
-    Host
-    ...

Benefit: when manually selecting a site’s uri match detection strategy, it would avoid the need for a user to look up what he/she has set as Default URI match detection strategy.

My main usage is the chrome extension, but could be useful in the website, desktop and mobile app as well.

One potential issue is that this could mislead some users, who may not be aware that if they later change their default detection method, it will change the method used for all stored URIs that have been set to “Default” detection. For example, they might specify “Default (base domain)” believing that this is equivalent to choosing “Base domain”, and then be surprised that the URI no longer works after they later modify their global options to set a different detection method as default.

Fair remark. Two counter-points:

  • This could likely be mitigated by changing the suggested text to something like:
    “Default match detection (currently: “Base domain”)”
  • Also, I would say usage (and even understanding) of these different matching strategies is anyhow a power user thing, so the actual risk you describe might be small in practice.
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Another option might be a more subtle visual indicator, e.g., display the current default match detection option in boldface or with some small icon next to it, and just leave the Default match detection text as is.

Alternatively, pop up a tool-tip showing the current default, when one hovers the mouse over the Default match detection selection.

All you are really asking for is a visual indicator of the current value of the default matching method.