Show Password Instead of Dots

Assuming there is no option in the program to allow passwords to be visible by default instead of showing dots, I’d like to request that that option be added to the application.

I ask because my other PW program, KeePass, gives me the option to show my passwords unhidden. Assuming the passwords are hidden to prevent others from possibly seeing them when I’m in the program, and assuming I’m so oblivious that I’d allow that to happen, I think I can see why the dots are useful. However, I’d venture to guess that most of us do not publicly expose our passwords, thus no need for the dots. I know it’s only 1 keystroke/click to make the dots go away, but in my opinion, the decision to hide my passwords or not should be mine.

Many thanks for your consideration.

Voted and 100% agree. I used this option with both KeePass and 1Password.


My question for this would be:

What is the benefit of seeing a password in plain text? Hiding it definitely adds a layer of security.

Good practice is using a generated password, which you usually won’t be memorizing anyway, so why even display it. If it’s because you do not use a generated password, then I’d suggest changing it to a generated one.

If you are using a password manager then there is no need to use similar or memorizable passwords. You can use autofill or copy & paste to fill out a login.

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I agree with this request and would vote for it if I had votes left (I ran out of votes years ago). :slight_smile:

The benefits of seeing a password in plain text are many.

These reasons include:

  1. Credentials being entered on a device that doesn’t support Bitwarden, such as a terminal at a doctor’s office or airport.
  2. Credentials being entered on a device that supports Bitwarden, but Bitwarden does not have the functionality to correctly populate the input fields. Since clipboards can be a security risk, it is often better to manually enter the password (often using a more secure virtual keyboard).
  3. When sharing a password for a low-security account with someone over the telephone or other non-computing device.
  4. To aid in the discovery of passwords that need to be updated. Behind a bunch of dots, you may not realize that you temporarily changed a password to your dog’s name, but if you can see it, you will realize this instantly.
  5. As an accessibility accommodation to reduce the workload on those with disabilities.

I can think of many more cases, but these are just a few examples.

I hope this helps.

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Verifying that a password was changed successfully comes to mind.

It’s the most annoying when it comes to credit cards. If my information isn’t autofilled correctly then I have to go look up the info manually. When I go to that credit card’s entry I still have to click something else to make the secret number visible. If I’m the only one using this computer what are you protecting me from? If this was an option that was off by default then it would still add a layer of security for those who wanted it. I am not one of those people.

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I have encountered this issue with numbers as well. The extra clicks to reveal them just get in the way in many scenarios.

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