Show/Hide Application window

Feature name

Bring To Top

Feature function

Currently the Bitwarden desktop app has a little menu in the docking bar, containing the items:

  • Show/Hide
  • Lock Vault
  • Quit

I propose a change where the Show/Hide menu item is renamed ‘Bring to top’.
When this item is selected, the app window is brought to the top of the window stack.


When the Bitwarden client is obscured by placing another window on top of it, the client still thinks it is on top. So when clicking on the Show/Hide menu item, the window is sent to the bottom of the stack, not the top, and another click on the menu is required to bring it to the front. This is not intuitive.

Always bringing the client to the front is more consistent, as when visible, the window can always be hidden by clicking the minimize window decoration.

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