Show folder name when viewing item

Could you add the folder name in the entry view? I’m using the android app and I’ve got folders to keep track of where I log in using Google or Facebook. It would be nice that if I look for an item, this first name is shown.

Hi Bart - welcome!

If you are speaking about the Edit Item dialog in the Android app, the folder is listed near the bottom of the form, if you scroll down.

Or do you mean on the View Item page that is presented when you want to select credentials to login to a web site? If so, I agree that it would be handy to have that displayed. As a workaround until such a feature can be implemented, you can always hit the edit button (pencil icon) to view the Edit Item dialog and scroll down to the folder.

Just as a +1 and as a further user story, I have the same problem.
I’ve found it’s the same with all the ways of viewing lists of entries in your vault:

  • On the (android) app
  • In the browser extension
  • When you search in the web vault

This problem comes up very regularly for me. Whenever I need to sign into an account I’m presented with all the options, and quite commonly they have the same name.

For example:

  • I have a personal Google account and one provided by a college I attend.
  • Each entry is named “Google” and lives in it’s own folder, either “Personal” or “College” (very creative, I know).
  • So when I go to log into Google, I’m presented with two options whos only difference is the username.

To me it makes sense to separate accounts by a rough “category” (folder) and then name the entry for the website. That way when viewing the category, I can easily see what various account I have associated with it.
Using the username to differentiate the entries in a list is better than nothing, but often the username has nothing to do with the category I mentally associate with it.
I could name the entries “Personal Google” and “College Google”, but then there’s a lot of redundant information.

I hope this is helpful :sweat_smile: