Should I be able to update my self hosted docker container to 2023.2 yet?

this is my first update cycle since installing self hosted docker on linux host last month. still showing current version 2023.1 I just updated my mac desktop app, so wondering if something is wrong, or just need to wait?

check the tags at Docker

you could change your tag manually from latest to 2023.2.0 if you wish to force it… or just leave as latest and run it when it has updated
(latest tag shows “Last pushed a month ago”)

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no, I don’t need to force it, just wondering if I was missing something. thanks.

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Just an FYI from the Bitwarden Help regarding self-hosted updates.

:bulb: Tip

Self-hosted server releases lag several days behind cloud server releases. Please note that the System Administrator Portal may report an available update before it is available for self-hosted servers.

This is done to ensure stability and reliability for self-hosted installs. So if you see an update available but are unable to update, then you may simply need to wait a few days.

I only needed to wait about 8 hours after asking. now it shows I can update :grin: here goes nothing.

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