Sharing with external users

My team often create passwords that needs to be shared with external collaborators that have free accounts. Clients.

So we create their FTP password, or cpanel password, or Mailchimp account, then we would need to share the pass with them.

How would we do this without having to pay for a monthly user just for this customer?

Hello @Mastap - welcome to the community forums!

This scenario is exactly what Bitwarden Send was created for. More details can be found here:

I don’t want to share a note or file.
I want to share a password record.
I want to collaborate on this password record

Okay. That wasn’t clear from your post.

You can use Send to securely share a password with someone, but if you want them to be able to collaboratively edit the credential, there is no way to do that with Bitwarden unless you add the user to your organization.

If you are hosted through the Bitwarden cloud, I believe a free user can be added to your organization (you may wish to contact the Bitwarden CS team to confirm). If you are self-hosting your own Bitwarden server, then I think it gets more complicated.

Hi David, I have the same use case.

You write “You can use Send to securely share a password with someone”
Where would I find this function?
I only see the option “file” or “text”

And in the entry, there is no send option.